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Seminar Programme

The Seminar programme, with exact dates where known, is:

Seminar 1 (2 day).       Mapping the Policy Context.      24th & 25th April 2015, University of Brighton.

Seminar 2.                    Institutionalisation and Regulation.     15th June 2015 at University of Brunel, London.

Seminar 3.                    Informal Sport in School and the PE curriculum.     27th January 2016, University of Brighton, Eastbourne Campus.

Seminar 4 & Seminar 5 (2 day). Minority Participants in Informal Sporting Spaces: Inclusion, Exclusion and Strategies for Change.   14th and 15th July 2016, Executive Business Centre, Bournemouth University:

Seminar 4 – Focus on Gender

Seminar 5 – Bodies Out of Place? The Racialisation of Informal Sporting Spaces

Seminar 6.                     Key findings and Lifestyle Sports Festival.  Summer 2017 at University of Brighton.

An introduction shown at the first seminar, which outlines the rationale for the series, can be viewed on our YouTube channel ‘esrclifesports here: YouTube icon

The seminar programme pdf can be downloaded here: ESRC Poster

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