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Seminars 4 and 5 – Minority Participants in Informal Sporting Spaces

Inclusion, Exclusion and Strategies for Change

14th and 15th July 2016

These 2 seminars are on consecutive days:

Seminar 4.  Focus on gender – Thursday 14th July 2016. 

In this seminar we will consider the experiences of these “less visible” participants and consumer groups, including girls and women, and older participants. We will examine: the political potential of this so-called ‘female athletic revolution’ (Comer, 2010), and how to promote greater equity and strategies for change amongst young and older women; the forms of exclusion and barriers to inclusion (in relation to sexuality/gender/ race/age/disability) that operate in these informal sporting spaces; the role of the media and action sport industries in promoting greater equity and/or reproducing sexist and neo-colonial discourses; the ability of lifestyle sport based NGOs to tackle gender issues and empower vulnerable and marginalised groups.

0930    Registration

1015    Welcome – Professor Michael Silk, Bournemouth University.

1030    Contextualising minority participants & informal sporting spacesAssociate Professor Belinda Wheaton, University of Waikato, NZ

1115     Exploring the social impacts of surfing for women & girlsDr. Easkey Britton, National University of Ireland, Galway; Co-founder, Waves of Freedom; Co-director, Surf for Social Good Summit.

1145    Coastal water sports and local women’s participationAndy Joyce, Director Surfsteps, East Cliff, Bournemouth; Pip Woods, Managing Director Rockley Watersports, Poole.

1300    Lunch

1345    Women and roller derby: By the skater, for the skater:

Panelists: Professor Simone Fullagar, Bath University; Dr. Adele Pavlidis, Griffith University, Australia (via Skype); Nasreen El-Mariesh, Team Director Dorset Roller Girls; and Angela Kruger, Head Coach Dorset Knobs Roller Derby (Men’s Team).

1515   Afternoon Break

1545   Dancing to their own tunes: Boys’ experience of recreational dance in different urban contextsDr Beccy Watson, Leeds Beckett University.

1630   Closing comments & Discussion: Inclusion, exclusion and strategies for changeAssociate Professor Jayne Caudwell, Bournemouth University.

1700   Walk to the beach.  Informal networking and fresh air.

Seminar 5.  Bodies out of place? The racialisation of informal sporting spaces – Friday 15th July 2016.  

In this seminar we will consider the complex factors contributing to make minority ethnic groups feel ‘out of place’ in white-dominated countryside spaces and how to develop more inclusive policy practices. We aim to understand identity, belonging and exclusion in LS contexts, and the capacity for LS to reinforce or challenge this racial status quo.

0930   Registration

1015   Welcome – Professor Janet Dickinson, Bournemouth University.

1030   Coastal liquidity and the racialisation of coastal land/seascapes – Dr Daniel Burdsey, University of Brighton.

1130   Animating spaces: Racialisation and multicultural belonging in urban and rural placesDr Sarah Neal, University of Surrey.

1230   Lunch

1330   Informal leisure practices, contested socialities, and activism in spaces of refugee’s humanitarian government: The politics of desire and “bare life”Dr. Nicola de Martini Ugolotti, Bournemouth University.

1400   Walking for leisure: The inclusion, ethnicity and belonging of first generation South Asian men and womenDr. Aarti Ratna, Leeds Beckett University.

1430   Emma-Louise Parker, Community Sport Development Officer (Equity & Inclusion), Southwark Council

1500   Afternoon Break

1530  Inclusion through Mountain Biking space for allIan Warby, Director at B1KE, Buckinghamshire

1700   Closing commentary:  Associate Professor Belinda Wheaton, University of Waikato, NZ.

Date:  14-15 July 2016

Location:   The Executive Business Centre, Lansdowne Campus, Bournemouth University – see map

For more information on this seminar please contact either jcaudwell@bournemouth.ac.uk or jonesi@bournemouth.ac.uk.

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